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Thank You

Daghan gave us an unforgettable experience as he shared his love of people, history,Turkey in general, and the heritage that surrounds the area. We have toured on 5 continents and nothing comes close to the wonderful and personal experience we had during our Turkey tours. Daghan was unfailingly upbeat, interested in his clients, excited to share, and deeply knowledgeable of everywhere we went. I recorded a couple of times he was explaining things that were more complicated, and hearing his voice again just reminds us of the wonderful times spent together. I would take any tours he arranged or lead with no hesitation – they are bound to be the best you can get.
Gregg Gavin, Canada

Thank you Daghan for our fantastic tour of Turkey. When we started out we didn’t know what to expect, but were impressed with your passion, as well as your abundant knowledge of your country and its history. Your ability to cater to the many different members of our group was outstanding, . You are the perfect tour director and guide with a wonderful personality combined with patience and a witty sense of humour. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone thinking of taking a tour of Turkey. We wish you and your family all good things for the future.
Diane and Kevin Townsend – Australia

Dear Han I can’t believe it is already over 3 weeks since our tour finished and I have only just got around to sending you this message. Life has been very busy since we got home but that is really no excuse, but at last I have got around to it. I wanted to thank you for the part you played in making our holiday so fantastic and so memorable. Your knowledge of Turkey and the manner in which you communicate it made it all easy to understand and easy to listen to. I appreciated your fairness whether we were at a Christian site or a Muslim site and the fairness with which you explained to us the events at Gallipoli. I also appreciated your concern for me when there was lots of walking to do and the alternatives your presented. It made it possible for me to see so much than I had expected. Thank you for your care. There were many highlights and it is hard to think if one was greater than the others so it is certainly a holiday I will not easily forget and I feel quite nostalgic when I look at our photos. You made us all feel like we were your old friends and it certainly helped to bond the group together. I am sure you are in Melbourne now with your family. I hope you have a wonderful break and enjoy every day with your wife and your baby. Thanks again.
Judy Bellamy – Sydney, Australia

Daghan We have just got home to Sydney after 39 days away and, in reflecting on our tour highlights, we realised that highest on the list was our 15 days with you in Turkey. We were really taken with your knowledge of the country and its history and just loved your wit. Your ability to understand “Australian language” was terrific. You had some trying times with our bunch (e.g. the ill American woman) but overcame them all with good grace. We have no hesitation in labelling you the “best guide ever” from our 7 or so Insight tours over the last few years and will be writing to Insight directly about your preparedness, attention to detail, humour and humanity. We would say in Oz you are “a bloody good bloke”. We learned a lot from you – we can even say CUMALIKIZIK fluently. Best wishes for the future to you and your family.
Peter & Glenis Emmerson – Sydney, Australia

I went at the end of August 2012 with Daghan Erdogduon a 15-day “Treasures of Turkey” tour with 4 other girl friends from Hong Kong. We were very fortunate to have Daghan Erdogdu as our Tour Director. Daghan is very personable and passionate in what he does. His wealth of knowledge of Turkey’s history and current world affairs – complemented by his wonderful sense of humor – made our visits to the various archeological sites truly informative and enjoyable. At the end of the holiday, I left Turkey with a lot of beautiful photos of the country and, more importantly, a really memorable and unforgettable experience which I have not stopped sharing with my family and friends.
Helen Fung – Hong Kong

Daghan, as tour guide and manager you have taken us on a journey that brought Turkey to life in a way that we will cherish forever. We’ll not forget your infectious sense of humour and fun, which was balanced with a caring responsiveness to individual and group needs. But mostly, your love of Turkey, and your commitment to have its story told authentically, and understood with both head and heart, made a lasting impression on us all. I tell all my friends that plan to tour Turkey to look you up!
Sam and Deb Saad – Sydney, Australia

Hello “Baba Han”! Just a quick hello to you, and hoping you are enjoying the well deserved rest of a vacation. I don’t think I could have done your job with the likes of Florence and Peta in the crowd!!!! We returned home without incident…yet filled with wonderful memories of and education about our experiences in Turkey. We have put the movie “Gallipoli” on our list of movie rentals. Even though we saw it years ago when it first came out, we have a much deeper, richer understanding of the significance of those days in history..again, thanks to the information and perspective you gave us. Of course we evaluated you with highest marks…and we hope you receive the kind of recognition you richly deserve. On the news tonight, it seems that more things are heating up in Syria….we think of you and your country and it’s desire to be a peacekeeper in the region. My…what a volatile part of the world you live in, Daghan… Be well, be safe and please know that you have at least two more friends now in California. All the best to you…we will look forward to that wedding invitation…whenever it may come! Fondly
Libby Pannwitt and Jim Fahnestock – USA

My dear Daghan, This is Nine speaking. I think of you often and picture what you are doing and talking about with all your customers, and I hope that they are very ordinary and not like us, so that you feel and miss our presence. We were richly blessed to have met you in such special circumstances, and to get to know a very beautiful, interesting and fascinating country, through your young experienced eyes, with so much study and knowledge given in your talks to us. We were never dull and looked forward every day to learning more and more, about the history, political, religious, physical beauty, and the ancient wars of so many different peoples. You are a very good scholar, and we thank you for everything you did for us. Particularly the special luncheon visit with your family, where we could experience firsthand, a true Turkish family and their culture. What fun that was. I send you my best loving wishes, for your work, your life and may Allah bless you. Much love Nine.
Rae Graham – South Africa

Dear Dogan, Thank you for your email. Yes, we had a truly wonderful time in your incredible country. You offered excellent value for the amount of money spent, and we would definately consider using your company again. We were most pleased with the itinerary that you arranged for us. But I would like to add that I believe that our trip was such a success because of our guide, Daghan. He far exceeded our expectations in every way. Two weeks is a long time to spend in the company of people that you have never met. We ask a lot of questions and like to learn as much as possible about the place we are in. We also had to change our schedule due to illness. Through it all Daghan was cheerful, flexible and accommodating ,doing everything he could to make us comfortable and happy. He went out of his way to help with anything we asked, and anticipated many of our needs . It wasn’t long before he knew what our preferences were, and he made some wonderful suggestions, and went the extra mile to give us a positive experience. Daghan has a gift when dealing with people and we benefitted greatly from his knowledge. He shared so much with us in numerous fascinating conversations. His love, pride and expertise in matters regarding Turkey are impressive. We felt particularly blessed to meet his own family during our travels, and after so much time together we began to feel that Daghan was part of our own family. He is a remarkable young man with outstanding qualities of knowledge, maturity, enthusiasm, dedication, compassion, friendship and a great sense of humour. He conducts himself in such a delightful way that one forgets that he is doing a job. We felt like a group of friends having a fun time together. We hope to see him again either in Turkey or in our home in the US, where we hope to repay some of his extraordinary hospitality. I think that you are fortunate to have Daghan as part of your Meptur team. I know that we have benefited from spending time with him.
Felicity Burdick – USA

In Turkey our guide, Daghan, made every day very special – he was extremely knowledgeable and always enthusiastic about the country he obviously loves. He helped us with discounts on the purchase of major items and pointed us in the right direction to buy minor items – and always with good humour. He was professional and pleasant at all times, even teaching us some basic Turkish. The coach, the meals and the hotels all appeared when and where promised – thanks Daghan!
Marie and Denis Thomson – Australia

After finally clearing Passport Control and Baggage collection at Istanbul airport I was transferred to my hote. Our tour started the next evening where we enjoyed a welcome reception and met our tour director Daghan Erdogdu. This tour was definitely the best I have ever experienced, the country was beautiful and, of course, Daghan was the best tour director ever, so informative and helpful if something needed fixing. Our tour started and finished in Istanbul (about 3,200 kms). Daghan did all the commentary for the tour at every place of interest that we visited. I have been on other tours where a local is employed as tour guide for those particular inclusions of a tour. I thought it more personal that Daghan did it all himself (and he has a huge wealth of knowledge of Turkey).
Mary Furnell – Australia

My wife and I were members of this Coach Tour of Turkey and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Obviously Turkey rates highly as a remarkable and interesting destination.Looking back and evaluating this holiday we appreciate that Daghan contributed significantly to our enjoyment. Daghan at all times displayed total commitment to his responsibilities. His detailed knowledge, humour and presentation made this Tour for us absolutely memorable.
Bryan and Sylvia Weaver – Australia

HI Daghan, Hello, I hope you are well. I hope you remember me from the Treasures of Turkey Oct 2-16 tour that you directed. If you don’t, maybe if I remind you about my pride ‘Aphrodisias’ and the name ‘Ishtar’, you will. I am happy to say that we received our carpet in good and perfect condition. It is really nice although it’s smaller than we expected for the space we intended to put it in. Never mind, it is still OK; the quality is very good. I also would like to tell you that we enjoyed the Turkey tour so much that we recently visited the Turkish community suburb of Auburn in Sydney for the first time last Saturday, i.e. after living here for more than 36 years! The tour experience and your expertise in sharing information about your country gave us a different view of Turkey and its people. Turkey, unlike Egypt and contrary to our expection is very clean with impressive infrastructure despite it being an old civilisation. It’s people, you are a living proof, is great. While walking during one of our escapades there, a lady we met out of the blue said to us, “welcome to our country.” I found that very nice and reflective of the demeanour of the Turkish people. Even though she maybe the only one out of the many, it is insignificant. For us travellers, she represents the whole of the Turkish people. On Istanbul, our Tour Director in Eastern Discovery Insight Tour said “Istanbul is the city that never sleeps.” I thought, I said to him it’s New York. And he replied saying that for those who had not seen Istanbul, it maybe New York..I believe him. Anyway, thank you so much for your extraordinary effort in bringing Turkey to our hearts during and after that tour. That last Saturday of the trip, even though it was raining heavily at some stage, you did not cut corners. Your desire to show us as much of your country in such a short span of time by completing what’s in the itinerary or even beyond that, is indicative of your passion and sincerity in what you are doing not only for DiscoverTurkey Tours but also for your country as a whole. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk will be very proud of you! Thanks once again and I hope that Jess and I will cross paths with you some other time. When you visit Sydney, we will show you Auburn… Best regards
Esther Castro – Australia

Salam Deghan, I wanted to write you an email to thank you for all you did for Michelle’s group and me personally during our two week tour of Turkey. You are extremely knowledgeable about Turkish history, traditions and politics. You were able to communicate your knowledge in a highly effective manner – even difficult subjects like politics. You have a tremendous sense of humor and were extremely patient in answering our constant stream of questions. Personally, I was able to get some incredible pictures of the people of Turkey, especially of childen, because of your ability to relate to them. I can’t thank you enough for all you did. If there is anything I can do for you in the future, please let me know. Please let me know when you deliver the DVD to the Pamukcu School in Nevsehir. I’ll be curious to know what they think of the pictures and what they do with them. I hope all goes well for you, your brothers, your parents and grandparents.
Steve Lange – USA

Merhaba Daghan, I thought I had better email you before time got away and I forget to email my thanks for the wonderful tour of Turkey. It was most enjoyable and I hope to return sometime in the near future. My daughter would love to see Turkey, after I told her about the wonderful places we visited and the terrific tour guide we had. Let me know if you will be returning in the spring for Insight. I will recommend this tour to my friends. Also, please pass a message along to Ihsan for me letting him know that I thought he was a terrific driver and I felt very safe. Hugs to both of you. I hope everything works out for you in the States and if you are ever in Canada, let me know. You will find the scenery is just like Turkey. gule gule
Wanda Reimer – Canada

Dear Sir/Madam, We have been on your “Wonder of Turkey Tour” from 25 April to 5 May 2008. Over the years we have been on various tours tours with different touring agencies to different countries around the globe-this was the best tour we ever had-not only the most interesting country but also excellent hotels,bus,bus driver,fellow travellers BUT the best Guide we ever experienced. We were struck by the support and co-operation Daghan gave to each and every one of us in a totally fair and impartial manner-he is a competent Guide who approaches his work with insight,responsibility and sensitivity.He distinguished himself in his ability to communicate excellently at all levels with a pleasant disposition and a sense of humour. He is dedicated and hard-working and gives his best at all times Daghan is one of the people in this world who is totally reliable and trustworthy.We as well as many of our co-travellers knew that if we wanted any information or anything done Daghan could be relied upon to get it done and in the shortest time.His attitude applied not only to issues that fell within the work that is expected from him as a Guide,but anything to do with travelling-he certainly goes the “extra mile”. Thanks to someone like Daghan Erdogdu for making our tour of Turkey an unforgettable one-your Company can be very proud of such an outstanding Ambassador. Kind regards
Ben & Reinette van Rensburg – South Africa

Nancy and I want to thank you for guiding us through Capadokia. Capadokia was one of the most spectacular places we have ever been, but it would not have been nearly as enjoyable without your infectious smile and exuberance. Please let me know if I can send you any additional pictures for your website. Feel free to use us and the Browns as references for your guiding services as we will remember you as much as we will remember Capadokia. Best Regards
Bob & Nancy Rosen – USA

Hello Daghan! Hope all is well with you and that you are very healthy and enjoying life! You really seemed like a natural at what you have chosen to do as a career, but I have a feeling that you will do well at whatever you decide to try! We really appreciated all of the help and information and humour that you provided on our tour. Remember that if you are planning to come to Calgary,Alberta,Canada you are welcome at our house and will be considered a “guest of the gods”! I have been promoting Turkey to everyone I talk to about our visit there and hope to return someday, hopefully to spend a longer period of time. I feel much more comfortable with my knowledge of the muslim population and their ways and thank you for sharing your views and experience so candidly. Remember when I told you that you should go and buy some vitamin C and take care of yourself? I am wondering if you caught that terrible cold/flu that was on the bus and, if so, how you would be able to cope in your position when you get sick! Hopefully you did not catch it and are doing great! Thankyou again for sending the email list, we will definitely be contacting some of these folks and you never know – you may see us on an Insight Tour again. Bye for now Daghan! Your West-Canadian couple,
Doug & Dawnita Gillman – Canada

Hello Daghan from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada! We were thinking of you these last few days and want to pass on our congratulations for your wedding! We wish you lots of love and happiness in the years to come! Thank you again for the wonderful tour – your passion and dedication to your job and to your country really made the trip memorable for us. We have had the opportunity to share our experiences many times with friends and family. Sincerely,
Loretta & Gerry Winia – Canada

Hi Daghan, By now you must be ‘full on” preparing for your wedding. Daghan it has been our pleasure to have travelled with you on the “Treasures of Turkey” tour 20 May to 3 June 2012. Margaret and I wish to acknowledge that this trip was undoubtedly the best tour we have ever been on, and we have been on many, including now 4 with Insight. We feel rather privileged and honoured to have had a Tour Director and Guide who we would nominate the “best in the business”. Tours of this nature must first of all be “FUN”, and it was, but beyond that we travel because we are inquisitive about other counties wanting to experience the beautiful sights both real and historical, enjoy meeting people both on tour and in the country we are visiting, experience their history and culture, try their cuisine, broaden our knowledge, and in doing all this,feel safe. Daghan you have a great country, steeped in history and tradition, and you present it with such a passion and sincerity, we all embrace it. We thought your organisational skills, knowledge, presentations, patience, humour, and frankness, were outstanding throughout the tour, and we do sincerely hope we are able to travel with you again in the future. “Trust me” was your catch phrase and we did implicitly, so now trust us in extending our congratulations to you on your upcoming marriage to Mara (hope her name is spelt correctly) and from our hearts wish you and Mara every happiness in a long and happy life together. Tourism and you Daghan are a marriage in heaven for your clients!!!! Best of luck for the future
John and Margaret Griffin – Australia

Daghan I just wanted to let you know how much your passion for Turkish culture and history enhanced my trip. You were able to bring history alive and for this I thank you very much. I wish you and your fiancé all the very best for the future and if you are every in Sydney give me a call and I will show you around. Thanks again – I now know something about Turkish culture and history that I would not have known if not for you and this trip. Regards
Lois Wilson – Australia

My wife Jennifer and I recently returned from a wonderful tour of Turkey. We toured with a great group of people and a great Tour Director Daghan (Han) Erdogdu. We have been on 8 tours, 4 with Insight, and he was by far the best we have ever seen. Han is a true professional. His knowledge of all the history and pride he showed when telling about it was phenomenal. Not only was he very professional ,but he was warm, caring, very funny,and he went way above and beyond his duty to make our tour excellent .At all meal stops he explained to us what the meal choices were in great detail . He spent a lot of time making sure we had our meal before he would sit down and eat. This is just one example of the many things he would do to make our tour a great experience. It wouldn’t surprise me if one day Han is a very high ranking official in the Turkish Government. He is very intelligent, but at the same time kind and humble. I thank you for your time and you can be assured we will be going on another Insight tour in the near future.
Randy and Jennifer Prevatt – Canada

Daghan, Given all the tours you lead you probably do not remember us, but we remember you. It’s been a number of weeks since we have returned home and both Charlotte and I just wanted to let you know that you made our 16 days touring Turkey some of the most memorable in the many we have been traveling. Your exuberance and joy in sharing your knowledge of Turkey’s history, culture, along with personal insights made this trip one of the most memorable we have undertaken. Thank you again for bringing to life all that Turkey has to offer. This is a trip we will long remember and much is due to your efforts. In closing, all our best to you in your future endeavors .. Should you ever find yourself in Maryland, we would be honored to act as your tour guide for the Washington & Baltimore area. “No worries!!”
Wolf & Charlotte Hehn – USA

Hola Daghan, This is from your two new Connecticut, U.S. cousins, Lourdes & Doug Hunt, from the Treasures of Turkey tour May 2-15. Not sure how easy it is for you to remember people from your tours so we’ll throw that detail in to help you out. Hope you and your family are all doing well, that you’ve had just as good groups as ours since then, and that there haven’t been any salty cups of tea lately. Thought you might like to see a few pictures we took in which you, Zaf (and others) figure prominently. Hopefully you’ll want to keep at least one or two, but do with them what you will. We’ve been telling our friends all about the tour, how much we loved it, and how you made it that much more enjoyable with your knowledge, energy and good cheer. You may well have more Connecticut travelers asking for your tour in the future ! If you have the time we’d very much like to hear from you. Knowing how crazy your schedule is even a short message would at least let us know you received the email/pictures OK. Take care of yourself. From the Heart,
Doug & Lourdes Hunt – USA

Dear Daghan, Your tour was excellent, you showed us a wonderful day, and we very much enjoyed having you as our guide. I probably never would have tried the pistachio kabob if you hadn’t suggested it! We would like to have you, and your friend, be our guests, if you are still coming to California. Also, would you have any objection to our passing on the information on your business card to the travel agent I usually use, and/or the travel agent here in California who set up the tour for us? My travel agent would like to have your contact information. The agent who set up our Istanbul tour might like to have it also. Sincerely
Melinda Howell – USA

Hi Daghan, Just a quick note to say thanks once again for the fantastic trip and we hope that no family or friends were hurt in the earthquake. We have wonderful memories of Turkey and thanks to you and your knowledge of history we understand (hopefully) most of the sites you took us to. Best of all we now also understand the Muslim religion and it has given us a better grasp as what matters most to you great people. The rest of our trip went well, the Greek Islands were fantastic and we arrived home safely last Monday night. Take care, follow your heart and be yourself. Love
Shirley and Bruce Watson – Australia

Hi Daghan, Just a short note to let you know how much we really enjoyed our tour of Turkey with you. We had a great group and with your great help it was such a fun time. It is a tour we will never forget – we loved Turkey. Thank you for giving us so much joy. I didn’t have much time to say goodbye to you or anyone else as I had that horrible ‘bug’ at the time and just had to get to my bed. I recovered after a few days and was back on the baklava in next to no time. We arrived home to cold and rain – all we wanted to do was – go back to Turkey!!!!! Thanks again Daghan – we wish you well in your future. Regards
Dell and Darryl Stitt – Australia

Daghan Just a quick line to thank you for your wonderful guiding through Turkey. Your love for your country and enthusiasm made the trip exceptionally memorable. Thought I would let you know that the carpet and wall hanging that we ordered in Nevsehir arrived today. They are even better than we remembered when we ordered them. The factory must be commended for such prompt delivery. Thank you once again
Bob and Val Geddes – Canada

Daghan, just a quick note to say thank you once again for the great tour of your country. It was great traveling with you and I have already told some of your stories to my friends. They especially like the story of the coffee with salt in it (which I know you made up because you are very cute and funny and I can’t imagine any girl turning you down). Of course, I don’t think cute is a word most people would associate with a young Turk so perhaps good looking would fit better. As we would say in our country…you are a fox!! It was a fun group of people and I hope the rest of your tours are as much fun as we were. Our trip home was uneventful but very very long. 10 hours from Istanbul to NY and then another 6 and a half to Seattle. Ugh!! I am working on all the pictures I took and reliving the memories as I prepare to make an album of our trip. So thanks again for such a good time and the very best to you. Insight is very lucky to have you as a guide. If you ever feel the need to come to Seattle, please look us up. As I said in my note to you.
Therese Henninger – USA

Dear Daghan, Just a few lines to once more thank you for having been such a pleasant guide on our “Turkish Delight” Tour last month. I suppose you will get many emails of this nature and rightly so because you are doing a fine job and we have so very much enjoyed being on your bus. I know some of the tour group members were a bit of a test but you handled everything very well. You have so reminded me of my boys who are of a similar age as you and just as nice and friendly and handsome. I have recommended your tour to lots of people. John and I have learned so much from you and Turkey is a very beautiful country. Much better than Greece which is also nice but not very clean and the people are not very friendly there. Athens was very unclean whereas Istanbul is beautifully looked after. John and I have arrived back in Western Australia a week ago and are now trying to get back to normal living. It’s nice to be on holidays but also great to come back home again. Luckily we have Spring here now and it’s particularly lovely in WA during Springtime. So, let me end this email with our best regards to you and our driver Omer. I hope you will get lots of nice Aussies on you tours in the future. Should you ever come to this part of world than please contact us. We should love that. May be you could have your honeymoon in Australia when you get married (Your mother will be so happy!) . All the very best,
Maria Wagner & John O’Connell – Australia

Hi Daghan, Thanks once again for a great tour made fabulous by the best Tour Director we have come across after a number of tours. We certainly mean it. Hope you enjoy the attachment and also hope to see you sometime in South Africa. Regards
Johan & Lenda Swart – South Africa

Gidday Daghan Thank you again for a wonderful tour of your country. Leigh and I will never forget your hospitality and we really did love Turkey especially Cappadocia where it felt like home to us. The Red Sea was great diving. A lot better than I expected and I hope that you can find time to learn to dive and go down there some time. Better yet go down and learn there . The Camel dDive Club at sSharm el Shiehk are true professionals. Check them out on the net at sharm el sheihk. Then WHEN you come over to visit us I can show you my underwater world . Please keep in touch Thanks again MATE Best regards
Ray and Leigh Oakey – Australia

Daghan, thank you for such a wonderful trip. We speak so fondly of our time in your country and I have told so many people about the warmth and hospitality that we felt. You were a wonderful guide and made it one of our favourite holidays.
Liz Macdonald – Australia

Daghan, Thanks again for the wonderful trip through your country. Hard to believe you are already on another trip at this time – probably riding the boat through the Bosphorus. We admire how well you kept everyone on track, smiled (even in the difficult times) and shared your love of your beautiful country. Wishing you and Mara all the most happiness in life.
Shannon and Stan – USA